Introduction: Woodcarving With Chainsaw - DOG

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In this Instructable I show you how I made a French Bulldog from a wood log mainly using a chainsaw.

When you also plan to use a chainsaw. Please be very careful. They can be really dangerous machines.
Also make sure you use the right safety equipment. Thank you :-)


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Step 1: Check Out My Video!

In this video I show step by step how I made a dog from a wood log using a chainsaw.
I hope this video will give you inspiration or help to make a cool project yourself.

Along with the video I show you in the steps below how I dit it :-)

Step 2: Stencils.

  1. First I chopped the log into a square (box).
  2. Then I made some stencils of the object. In my case a dog.
    You can often find the model in google images.
    Adobe acrobat reader has a poster function in the print settings.
    Then I printed it out just on A4 papers and taped together.
  3. Spray paint the stencil onto the wood log.
    Re-apply when needed (if you trimmed away one view).

Step 3: Carving

Now follow the contours of the stencils.
as said, please be careful.

and remember also that you can only cut it once.
Gone is gone. You can not put the wood back together if you trimmed of too much.

It goes very fast ;-)

Step 4: Sanding / Grinding

To make it a bit finer I use a grinder with a sanding disc.
You can make it as smooth as you like.
I still like it a bit rough for this dog.

For the eyes I used a drill to hollow out the part where I placed the "doll" eyes.

Step 5: Details.

I use a torch to give it some details. And to apply some color and protection I (or my little helper actually) brushed some wood stain onto the statue.

Step 6: Finished

That is how fast you can make something from wood.
It can be done in an afternoon and is really a fun project.

Thank you for checking out my Instructable :-)

Please also check out my youtube channel

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