Wooden Air Ship Necklace




Introduction: Wooden Air Ship Necklace

A great gift for your steampunk enthusiast friends! I made this one for a friend of mine.


Wood (The wood I used was a 1/4" and was a bit thick. I'd recommend 1/8".)




Propeller (I used a metal flower from the scrapbooking section of the local craft store.)

Wooden Button (or other detail item for the center of the balloon.)


Jump rings



Small drill bit

Pointed grinding or sanding bit

Hole cutting bit (I used a 1.25" diameter bit)


Step 1: Draw and Cut

First, draw out your design. You can also use mine. If you print the second image on a full sheet of paper, you can use it for a template.

Cut out the ship section from the drawing and trace it onto your wood.

Cut out your wood piece.

Use your hole cutting bit to cut out the balloon.

Step 2: Drill and Sand

Again, use the template to mark and drill holes in the two wood pieces.

Sand them smooth.

Use the grinding bit to sand the holes and create portholes in the ship piece.

Step 3: Paint and Add Details

Use watercolors to paint your wood.

Glue the button onto the balloon piece and attach the propeller.

Step 4: Add Chains

Add jump rings to all the holes and chain the two pieces together.

Step 5: Enoy

You're done! Go out on the town or gift it to a friend!

If I won a Form 1+ 3D Printer in the Formlabs Contest...
I would be able to create and print new parts for other projects instead of fabricating them like I did with this one. Projects like this would be even more reproducible if I could provide the file for the pieces I made. Being a public school teacher, I would love to have the opportunity to print some of my student's creations. Each student has an iPad with various 123D apps on them, and I've always wanted to experiment with creating collectible art toys.

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