Introduction: Wooden Animal

How to make a toy animal by Tyler

You will need: Wood



Miter Saw

Drill Press

Band Saw

Paint (optional)

Step 1: Choose an Animal

First, choose an animal, I chose the Homosapien. Then print it out onto a piece of paper. You will then make the animal more animated, and draw where the wheels should be.

Step 2: Make a Template

You will then trace the cut-out onto Matt board and cut that out using a utility knife.

Step 3: Cutting It Into Wood

Then you will trace the template onto a piece of wood, then cut the wood out using a band saw.

Step 4: Drill the Holes

Then you will drill the holes out with a drill press

Step 5: Router and Sand

Then router the edges, and sand the entire thing.

Step 6: Paint It (Optional)

After that, you can paint it, and I will provide the steps. You first will draw out and color a painting plan. Then you paint it.

Step 7: The Wheels

Then you will glue the axels in, and attach the wheels, and turn the wheels around to loosen them up.

Step 8: Done!

Now you can play with your toy, or give it to someone, or even just put it somewhere for decoration!