Introduction: Coconut Leaf Stalk- Deer's Face

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Trees are the most wonderful thing in the world. We can do a lot of art work with these without cutting or harming them.

Do you know about coconut tree and do you ever think to make an art work with the dead leave stalk of coconut trees. I will show you how to make a pure hand art worked wooden deer’s head master piece in a green way.

Do you know when the leaf stalk of coconut trees die they become harder like a ordinary wood of other tree.

So let’s start our art work.

Step 1: Requirement's


Dead Coconut Leaf Stalk


  1. Drill Machine
  2. Screw
  3. Hammer
  4. Drill bits
  5. Screw driver
  6. Hand saw
  7. Wood hand curving tool
  8. Paper cutter
  9. Wooden glue

Step 2: Making a Pair of Horn

Cut coconut leaf stalk in the shape of a deer horn .If you want to make the horn more attractive you should make the horn by parts like Base horn, Central Horn ,1st Side Horn,2nd Side Horn.

Make Small holes with the help of drill machine in the base horn where you want to attach the side horn and the central horn as shown in the figure.

Combine all the parts of a horn with the help of wood glue or screw.

Repeat the same step with the second horn.

Our deer’s HORN is completed

Proceed to next step-

Step 3: Face

Cut five long died dry leaf stalk of coconut tree and combine them in such a manner that it will look like a face of deer.

Fix the horn on it and fix the entire face on a plane wood piece with screw .

Step 4: Mouth and Nose of Deer

Make Mouth with the help of small leaf stalk of coconut tree attach them on the face in an appropriate position.

Make Eye your self in your own design.

Attach the Entire thing on the Deer's Face and paint it with your favorite color.

Step 5: Finish

Our Master Piece has been completed

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