Introduction: Wooden Basketball Hoop (indoor)

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A wooden basketball hoop for you basketball desires!!

Step 1: Cut Hole

Cut hole with jigsaw I used a frisbee that had a hole in it and traced it.

Step 2: Glue

Well I forgot to mention cut a square with a notch the same size as the hoop like an extra tab at the bottom so you can give the hoop and angle pieces of wood too attach the hoop to. Of course this is also the backboard!! I did use measurements to give me a center to the backboard and I would advise using measurements to give you a better idea how to layout your backboard and rim.


Right angle square
Measuring tape
Hot glue gun

Workbench or table
- -
- -
----- -----
Something like this.

Now use a glue gun and work at a steady speed and think about what you would like to glue before you do it. Seems logical but I tried gluing the side angle pieces on first and it just didn't work well in that order because the hoop is stronger with a bead of glue on the back first.

Step 3: Setup and Dry!

Here were just setting up the hoop to dry with the hot glue. Here we see how the ball will fit in the hoop. It looks good to us!

Step 4: Hook and Some Glue

Wreath Hook is what we're using and we've decided to cut it in half and use it as 2 supports. This is important because I made the mistake of using the entire wreath hook and putting it in the middle of the backboard, but that didn't work at all. It stuck up past the door and it wasn't going to handle the backboard jostling from the ball hitting the backboard. So if you can find a metal Christmas wreath holder you can make 2 hooks and set them to were they are flush at the top. Just think about how it's going to hang on the door.
Oh yeah I used a thick head of hot glue around the backside of the backboard to help give it some stabilizing buffer from the ball hitting it... It works great!

Step 5: Hook It Up Hoop It Up!

Now just hook backboard on door and look out Lebron James!!! Here is the 2015 indoor basketball Finals!

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