Introduction: Wooden Benches and Table

These are some outside benches and table I made out of cedar. I came up with the design myself and I'm sure there can be some areas that can be improved.

Tools & materials needed :

-Table saw

-Chop saw

-Glue (I used Gorilla glue)



-Miter clamps

-Metal l-bracket

-Carriage bolts and nuts

-Forstner bit



Step 1: Making the Legs

The legs are 16" high and consist of three pieces. 2 pieces are 5" wide and are mitered. The third piece, I cut both edges to 45 degree and used this as extra strength for the leg.

I put glue on every edge being joined and used brad nails as well.

Step 2: Building the Frames

My benches are going to be 15" wide by 58" and 15" x 72". The table is 14" x 32".

The top of the bench is a 3"x3" l-shape frame, so I cut all my lengths of wood and beveled one edge. I glued and nailed these together to get the l-shape. Let the glue dry and then you are able to cut your miters. I used miter to hold the frame together until the glue dried.

Step 3: Attach Legs to Top

Before attaching the legs, I used the router to round some of the edges of the top and the legs. I also cut a small angle on the bottom of the legs(not pictured). This can be seen on the finished picture.

Put the legs right in the corners of the top frame and put a couple screws from each side.

Step 4: Adding Supports Underneath for Top Slats

We have to add some supports for the top slats. For the small table we just need to add a couple of supports underneath to hold the slats. I glued and nailed these pieces to the l-shape frame. The bigger benches need more support due to the amount of weight they will hold. I decided to make a second frame with 2x4's and metal l-brackets. This frame is the same width as the underneath of the first frame. I used carriage bolts and nuts to connect the 2x4 to the metal bracket.

I fit this frame in the first one and marked where all the carriage bolt heads stick out. We have to use a forstner bit to make an indent in the bottom of the first frame for the head of the carriage bolt to sit into. This will allow the second frame to sit flat against the first frame.

Step 5: Connecting the Two Frames Together

Place the second frame inside the bench top and hold it in place with a couple clamps. Drill a hole the same diam as the carriage bolt from the inside through the metal l-bracket and the side of the bench top frame. Drill three on each side and place a carriage bolt through the hole from the outside and secure with a nut.

I added a couple of small pieces on each side of the 2x4's with a little relief cut for the metal frame. We have to do this so when we put the top slats on, they will be flush with the bench frame.

Next, cut and round the edges of the top slats. Use glue and pin nails to secure these to the second fame and your bench is finished. I left mine unfinished but you can stain or paint them if you wish.

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