Introduction: Wooden Bike


Needed: two 20" wheels (plans may be adjusted for other size wheels); wood: clear straight grain ash or hickory is preferred but Douglas fir has been used; white glue; heavy duty hinge; bolts; screws; 1/4" nylon cord; wood dowel for handle. Drill bits for dowel and bolts and cord. The length of the wooden members are: front fork is 39"; the seat spars are 39"; the lower spars are 34". All wooden members are 1 1/2" wide and 3/4" thick.

Step 1:

Use a heavy gage hinge for front pivots. Use bolts to secure hinge. hinge pin can be removed for folding bike.

Warning: This wooden bike is a proto- type and has not been tested to be safe and it is there for to be built and used at the risk of the user and or builder.The above bike worked well for riders under 140 lbs at slow speeds. Heavier riders, speed or bumpy road conditions are not recommended. Wooden members should be thicken to handle heavier loads. Some images of this proto type show screws but bolts should be used through out.

Step 2: Rear Wheel

Bolt is used to join wood together. If built with crank and chain join wood only at axle to maintain foldable.

Step 3: Front Fork

Step 4: Seat Post

Seat post fits into sliding seat block and can slide up and down to adjust for height.

Step 5: Handle Bar

Top handle bar. Drill and fit dowel 11" by 7/8". Handle stem is 5" long.

Step 6: Cord Hing at Handle Bar

Drill and fit 1/4" nylon cord. Knot and use quick tighten cam (you can buy these at a a shop that sells sailing supply stores) to lock onto cord. Cord is released to first knot and lower hinge is released to fold bike. By releasing 3" of cord and removing lower hing pin, bike can fold into a compact package with both wheels next to each other for easy wheeled transport.

Step 7: Fast Walker Bike Is Done. to Add a Chain and Crank See:

I like this bike best as it is but have also added a chain and crank: for those who want more metal.

Also check out Lots of other cool bikes like the drift wood bike and wooden scotter bike ...

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