Wooden Bird Feeder for Birde

Introduction: Wooden Bird Feeder for Birde

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Today is Sunday so I thought to do something creative . while watching some birds playing on a branch of a tree an idea came to my mind ." why not make a feeder for them??"

So, I made it.

this is my first instructable so please leave a comment about how the project was.

This bird feeder is different than others as the grains only come out of the bottle only when the previous ones are eaten up.

Step 1: Gather All the Materials

  • some pieces of wood (prefer those which are 1 cm thick )
  • plenty of nails (try to use headless nails)
  • a plastic bottle (a 500ml bottle will do)
  • some flexible wire
  • grains or some food for birds(i used millets)


  • pencil
  • ruler
  • pliers
  • hammer
  • saw
  • super glue
  • sandpaper (optional)
  • muscular force !!

Step 2: Let's Draw !!

You can go with your own measurements too but I will suggest sticking with mine because something bigger or smaller will not be as useful.

you can go bigger but don't make it smaller.

so what yo have to draw

  • One 13 cm x 13 cm square -- for base
  • Two 14 cm x 3 cm rectangles --for walls(sides)
  • One 13 cm x 3 cm rectangle -- for walls(front)
  • One 20 cm x 10 cm rectangle -- for backside
  • Two 2.5 cm x 3 cm rectangles -- for walls (back)

Step 3: Cut Them All Out !!

Cut all the pieces out using a saw

I am not too muscular nor i am having cutting skills so i toom the help of a carpenter.

Note: be extra careful while cutting wood.

Step 4: Nailing It !!

Nail all the pieces together like shown

Use super glue to secure everything in place

i used it because I was having a problem in fitting some irregularly cut pieces.

Step 5: Wiring (not Electrical)

Drill four holes in the back piece and put a wire through it for making a support structure for the bottle

you can also make the holes using nails or screws as I did.

Note: use the circumference of the bottle for the upper wire and for the lower wire use the circumference of the neck.

Secure the wire from the back using super glue.

Important Note: fix the wire so that the mouth of the bottle is exactly 1 cm over the base It should allow the grains to flow through.

Step 6: You Did It !!!!

Now your bird feeder is ready to add the grains to the bottle and turn the structure upside down and fix the bottle such that the mouth of the bottle is at least 1cm away from the base.

Some optional things:

  • you can paint it.
  • add a rope or hook for hanging it.
  • add a hole on the top of the bottle for putting grains in it.

the working principle is that when the grains in the plate-like thing are eaten up by the birds more grains flow into the plate-like thing simple

don't forget to like and please leave a comment for it is my first instructable

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    4 years ago

    This is perfect!

    Your directions and photos are so easy to follow along with! Awesome job with your first Instructable :)