Wooden Bookshelf Speaker With Bluetooth




Introduction: Wooden Bookshelf Speaker With Bluetooth

Hey guys yep its been a long time. Since i have built stuff if you have been seen i had built a mini speaker out of handmade paper and plywood.The reason why i was not up-to date is because of my frustrating academics this page was just abandon.Now since i have summer vacation i decided why make this thing.

Enough said lets get started !!!

Step 1: Step 1:Tools and Things Needed

This speaker is powered with a 15 watt amplifier its all wood finished it has a 8 ohm 4 inch sub on the top and a 4 ohm 20 watt mid-range speaker below.

1.amplifier board - India http://www.amazon.in/Magideal-TDA7297-Digital-Ampl.. i bought mine from ebay india

USA -http://www.ebay.com/itm/1pcs-TDA7297-stereo-amplif...

2.use any wood you want and any dimensions is suitable depending on driver size.

3.speakers- in India if you want speaker driver online try eight audio -https://www.eightaudio.in/

in the states try parts express,Amazon etc

4. 12 volt dc power supply charger

5. Bluetooth adapter -http://www.ebay.in/itm/122376656977?aff_source=Sok...

6.use a 5 volt power bank to power up Bluetooth adapter

7.3.5mm jack both male and female .

8. buy a female dc jack.

Step 2: Step 2: Put Out Dimensions

your speaker can be in any shape its your design and style. design does matter but more important is if you have a great amp and a great box its definitely going to sound great.

1.always test the amp if it fails the things are gone and no party.

2.now plan your ideas whether you want to make the box first or finish the electronics.

3.if you see i have used a knob on the top drill the holes for this properly and screw this properly because mine fell first and i had to open the hole box again and fix this.

4.if you want to make it sound accurate use a tweeter and sub with a good crossover use poly fill then this will sound much better.

5.when your done test this to the limit and when done put it and screw and nail it.

6.guys overall patience and time is needed if it fails don't get pissed thing straight and think in a cool state i never found time to build this and got so depressed.But when done you will tell yourself its great i took a good long time.

7.again don't hurry up this build take time calculate and drill.

8. thats it guys get building and i will see u next time.

feel free and please comment

Step 3: Here It Is Done. It Sounds Great in Person.

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    5 years ago

    Thank you.I have seen your bluetooth speaker build and i saw your friend request on fb.thank you your build is nice.