Introduction: Wooden Bottle Cap

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I just lost my glue bottle cap, and if i didn't get it back, the glue nozzle would be clogged by exposing to air. So i made this cap with a piece of wood.

Step 1: Tools I Used

• Handsaw - to cut a small piece of wood

• Wood boring tool

• Sand paper

• Used glue itself for a coating on it lol

Step 2: The Making

I cut a small piece of wood, half inch i guess, then made a hole in it with the tool, it's top must be narrow and bottom must be wide like the nozzle of the bottle, if not, the cap may wouldn't fit well on the nozzle.

Step 3:

After making a hole in it for the nozzle to fit, i used sandpaper to sand it and make it round. Then i needed polishing but i didn't need a Polish because i poured some glue on it and it became a good Polish xD.

Now my bottle has a perfect cap, :) it all took just 30 mins for me to make it. I love woods

Step 4: