Introduction: Wooden Box - Copied From ProRock

Got bored and decided to do some DIY, first thing I have ever made/built. Copied from ProRocks technique for his Pallet Trunk ( A bit bigger and made using planed softwood. Cost about £70 in timber is 104x57x54 (lengthXwidthxheight). Did the lid similar to NutandBolt's - Simple Sorage Box ( I also did the base the same way and attached it to the bottom. Materials - Planed Soft Wood 14 x 94mmx18mmx2400mm 2 x 69mmx18mmx2400mm 2 x 44mmx18mmx2400mm Equipment Hand Saw Power Drill T-Square Pencil Wood Glue 30mm Screws 40mm Nails All built, just got to be sanded and finished!