Introduction: Wooden Box Using Finger Joints - Includes Sliding Dove-Tail Lid

Please take a look at the video on how I made this box! (This Instructables misses out a few of the smaller processes I did to create this box!). Thank You

Step 1: Making the Pieces

The first thing was to cut the pieces to the correct length. For this I used the Band saw. I created 6 long pieces and 2 shorter. I got 2 of theses and glued them together to form the base. I repeated this to make the lid. The other 4 pieces would make up the box.

Step 2: Making the Box Joints

I created a jig on my router which allowed me to make theses joints. I will be doing a video on this in the near future. On one of the smaller pieces I cut the top two fingers off and glued it to the longer side. (This is made a lot clearer in the video). Over at the planner I then took one of the smaller sides and reduced the height by the height of the finger.

Step 3: Creating the Dove Tail Groove

Using a dove tail router bit I made a groove on the two longer faces of the box. Once this was complete I could glue the main structure of the box together.

Step 4: Creating the Bottom

At the router, using a straight bit, I made a groove all the way around the bottom until it slotted into the main box. I sanded the box and added Danish Oil. I then glued the main section and the bottom together.

Step 5: The Lid

On the sides of the lid I used the router to create the dove tail groove, so that that the lid would 'lock' into place. On one end of the box I used a straight bit so that it would sit flush.

Step 6: Finishing

I sanded the box and applied multiple coats of Danish Oil.

Step 7: Please Check Out the Video for the Full Build!

Video -

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