Introduction: Wooden Cabinet

Steps 1 The brainstorm ideas on paper and being able to visualize the end product.

Step 2 We gather most of the supplies from Home Depot, but made more trips back.

Step 3 The side pieces were 15" by 33" and left a gap at the bottom that was 1" 1/2 by 3" 1/8.

Step 4 Building the support that filled in the gap was a 3" 1/8 by 36".

Step 5 Next was building the bottom piece which was 15" by 34" 1/2.

Step 6 Next was the top piece, the width of the top piece was a bit bigger to have a clean design.

Step 7 After it was building the frame, which was 24" by 29" 7/8. The top of the frame was 2", the sides were 1" 1/2, and the bottom was 1".

Step 8 Start building the cabinet, putting all the pieces together, adding support pieces to make the cabinet sturdy.

Step 9 Finishing touches sanding tough surfaces and fill holes with plastic wood.

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