Introduction: Wooden Carrying Car

This device will help to deliver an object from one place to another.


4 screws 4 washers A sander or piece of sand paper A drill A hold saw A chop saw A 20 inch piece of wood. ¾ of an inch thick Any number sticker you want A rubber band

Step 1: 1.

Measure out and draw four 2 inch circles on a piece of wood

Step 2: 2

Go to the hole saw and use this to cut out the four circles.

Step 3: 3

Sand these circles down so that they are smooth all around since these are the tires and will need to roll.

Step 4: 4

Now we will move on to cutting the body to size. You want to measure out 9 inches by 3.5 inches in the wood.

Step 5: 5

Next go over to the chop saw and cut this part out

Step 6: 6

Sand down the sides top and bottom because you do not want anyone getting a splinter when they reach for the remote.

Step 7: 7

You have the option to curve the front of the car if you please. Make a diagonal cut on each side of the front of the car. Sand the front in a rounded formation to round the front.

Step 8: 8

Now its time to put the car together. Measure out four equal distant dots on the sides of the car. 2 on each side to mark where the tires will go

Step 9: 9

Then take your drill and make little in cuts on the dots so you will have a space to place your screw

Step 10: 10

Put the screw through the tire and then put the washer on the opposite side of the screw.

Step 11: 11

Screw each tire in leaving just a little bit of space between each tire and the body of the car so that they spin smoothly.

Step 12: 12

Place the rubber band around the body in between the the tires so that it will be able to hold down any object place on it.

Step 13: 13

Now your car is ready but if you have that sticker stick it on top and you have a racer