Introduction: Wooden Centerpiece Box

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Display flowers or your favorite decorative items on your table in this
rustic DIY centerpiece box. This is perfect for the holiday or party table. Perfectly sized to accommodate pint sized mason jars, this Do-it-yourself project is sure to provide countless uses.

• 1”x4”x 8’ common board

• .25” x 4” x 48” craft board

• RapidFuse Wood Glue

• 1 ¼” nails

• Natural Plastic Wood Filler


• Miter Saw

• Brad Nailer or Hammer

• Sander

• Cricut (Optional)

Step 1: Cut and Stain

First cut the 1x4 pieces to size.

Sand and stain the cut pieces.

Step 2: Start With the Ends

Attach the 2 sides to the Bottom piece using RapidFuse. Secure with 1” brad nails.

Step 3: Add the DIviders

Mark lines for the divider pieces measuring 3 ¾” from either end. This centerpiece holds pint size mason jars.

Attach front piece to the two sides using RapidFuse and brad nails. Lining the front and sides flush on the sides.

Attach the divider pieces to the front and bottom using RapidFuse and brad nails. Line the 1×4 up with the pre-drawn lines.

Step 4: Finishing Pieces

Finally attach the back to the centerpiece completing the box. Attach using RapidFuse and brad nails.
Fill nails holes with wood filler, sand and touch up the stain.

To decorate this centerpiece I stained it with Minwax special walnut. Express yourself with your centerpiece. Decorate it with vinyl decals.

You can even add corner braces on the sides to add a decorative touch. The sky really is the limit.

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