Introduction: Wooden Chair

This wooden chair is very easy to build and does not require power tools.

Step 1: The Supplies

6 one and a half inch nails.

Five forty by four by one half inch birds.

Twenty , three inch screws.

A hammer.

A measuring tape.

A saw.

A screwdriver.

One six by one by 10 inch board.

Step 2: Cutting the First Boards

Cut one of the 40 inch boards in half. (each one should be 20 inches)

Step 3: Set Up the Boards for Measuring

Next you can figure out a way to balance the boards you just cut, along with two more 40 inch boards. (They should be about 10 inches apart.)

Step 4: Cut More Boards

After that, cut the rest of the 40 inch board you had already cut from, and cut two ten inch long boards.

Step 5: Supports

Take the two, forty inch boards, from step 3 and one of the 10 inch boards you just cut and screw it in place 10 inches from the bottom using 2 screws on each side.

Step 6: Footrest

Take the two boards you cut in half in the beginning and the other ten inch board, and use 4 nails to screw it in place 8 inches from the bottom.

Step 7: More Boards

Next, get another 10 inch board and cut it into 4, 10 inch pieces.

Step 8: Sitting Part

After cutting the forty inch board use 6 more screws to screw it onto the top part of the smaller section.(The section with the footrest.)

Step 9: The Back Base

using another one of the ten inch boards, using 4 screws, screw it into the taller part 20 inches from the base.

Step 10: The Main Base

Use the remaining 10 inch boards and screw them into both parts of the chair using 4 screws. (Do the same to the other side.)

Step 11: The Final Sitting Part

Next get the last 40 inch board and cut a 10 inch piece off then nail it onto the middle base of the chair.

Step 12: The Headrest

After that get the six by one by 10 inch long board and nail it between the two tall boards in the back.

Step 13: Finishing Touches

Finally you can sand it or paint it if you want

Step 14: Finished

That's it

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