Introduction: Wooden Chassis for Arduino Rc Car.

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So this is my first instructable and I hope you like it. I made this wooden chassis for my arduino RC car and I hope this inspires fresh tinkerers. Wood is actually a bit easy to work on without special tools and small pieces are readily available everywhere.

I didn't thought that i would be writing an instructable so i took all the things apart and made it again. So there are a lot of holes in the wood but each has a job so don't be afraid.

Step 1: Gather Materials

All You need is assorted variety of wood but I will tell be telling you what I used.

Hardware Store Shopping list:

  • 5 mm plywood.(even pieces would do good)
  • 10 mm wood board.(prefer the softest one if you lack tools)
  • assorted screws, nuts and bolts.(see image)
  • Tacks
  • That's it!!

Electronic store Shopping list(or wherever you get your hobby supplies)

  • 2 x Main wheels
  • 1 x castor wheel
  • 2 x geared dc motors


  • Hacksaw
  • Drill
  • Soldering kit
  • Did I told I am low on tools?

Step 2: Design the Things Up

Keeping it short and simple,

  1. Cut the 5 mm plywood into a rectangle whose width is equal to the combine width of both motors(see image for reference).
  2. Cut a 10 mm board piece of equal width but height equal to that of motors standing vertical and place it on the edge of plywood.
  3. Align the motors close to it.
  4. Prepare a box which can encase your micro controller(mine is Uno R3) using tacks.
  5. Screw them up tight.

I didn't gave dimensions as they may vary.

I don't know why i hammered these many screws but you may use a bit less.

Step 3: Wheels of Fortune ;)

Short an' Simple,

  • Drill a big hole at last to fit your castor wheel and screw it tight.
  • Screw your main wheels to motors.

That's the end of our chassis build.

You may further cut a plywood piece to close the arduino casing and a wood block to fill the gap b/w motors as i did.

Step 4: My FINAL Project!

This was my final project. It's specs,

  • Ultrasonic distance Sensing.
  • 2-wheel drive
  • Wooden Claw
  • Max speed- Incredibly slow(i don't know what's the problem with these motor but they do have incredible torque)
  • Proximity alarm(piezo buzzer)
  • Back light (U Can't C them)
  • 10000 mah power bank(never ending)
  • Bluetooth controlled

I wrapped it in tape to hide the wood (and my low wood working skills). Some may find it ugly but "Beauty Resides in Ugliness"-Picasso(something like that only)

I will be writing instructables on how to prepare the claw and the program and circuit.Till then Have FUN!

I am open to comments and questions and please vote wherever you find it.

Thanking You,

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