Introduction: Wooden Clarinet Holder

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If you have the mojo of the clarinet and you're not afraid of losing you precious fingers, this project is made for you.

Also it is a very practical and beautiful item.

For this project you need some tools :

- A wood lathe

- A circular table saw

- Safety glasses

- Wood Gouges

- Sand paper

- A grinder

- F clamps

- Drill

- Wooden drill bit

- Wood Wax

- A marker pen

Step 1: The Wood

Choose and prepare your piece of wood.

I had the chance to have some dry walnut wood. I really like the dark brown finish of this wood.

Cut a rectangular piece, bigger that the dimension of your project.

Step 2: Get Ready for the Wood Lathe

Draw the final round shape.

Find and mark the middle of the piece of wood.

With the circular table saw make an octagon as close as you can to your outline.

Make a little hole in the middle with a wood gouge or the drill.

Step 3: Work on the Wood Lathe

Attach the log in the wood lathe and shave the material until you get a nice looking cylinder shape.

(Tip 1 : Place the hand support as close as possible from the log if not, your gouges will jump. That can be dangerous for you and your tools.

Tip 2 : Use the gouge correctly by placing the flat part facing upwards)

Step 4: Model Your Support 1

For the interior shape of the clarinet I used some newspaper wrapped in aluminum foil. Then I insert it in the clarinet and measured the diameter on the aluminum cone.

Don't hesitate to remove your work form the wood lathe and check the size.

Step 5: Model Your Support 2

When the top is finished choose the size of the bottom and curve it.

Leave enough wood material on the extremities because the work on the wood lathe is not finished yet.

I decided to curve the inside for more stability in case I want to use the support without the feet. It's also gives a nice finish.

Step 6: Finishes on the Wood Lathe

Now you can use the sand paper to polish the support.

I waxed right after sanding and cleaning.

Step 7: Out of the Wood Lathe

Detach the support by cutting the rest of the wood (you can use a small saw or a gouge).

Clean the bottom with a gouge, polish it and with the grinder polish the top.

Step 8: Make the Feet

For more stability of the holder I decided to create three feet. You can also use it without.

Mark (as you can) the position of the feet. They have to be at equal distances and at the same height.

Choose an angle for drilling the holes. You can do it very flat, it will gave a different aspect but try to extend the base support surface at the maximum.

Cut three wood stems (for the diameter it's better to be a bit larger than the holes, if necessary you can use the sand paper for adjustment).

For a better look I suggest grinding the extremities of the feet.

Step 9: Final Step

For matching the color of the wood I used some 'Brou de noix' which is a natural maceration of walnut shell in water and it worked really well. Do not forget to wax the feet after the layer of 'brou de noix'.

And that's it !

My clarinet was always in its protecting case and sometime I forgot about it. Now it always stands right next to me !

If you have a clarinetist friend, this support can be a great gift !

I wish you a good time working and creating with wood.

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