Introduction: Wooden Computer Case

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Wooden Computer Case - I've used an old hand me down computer case for too long, so I wanted to make something personal and functional. I tried to use fairly accessible tools, and some basic power tools. I'd love to have techshop nearby, but I have to be practical.

Step 1: Conception

Design stage.

Step 2: Materials

.75" thick veneered plywood - I like the stoutness of the 3/4" and the ability to screw I into it perpendicularly.
1.5" long deck screws - just something I had an abundance of.
.25" thick plastic board - tough to describe and no clue where it was acquired.
2 button switches - from radio shack, red for power, black for reset.
2 hinges - European style gives the exterior a cleaner look, and they support the door in an open position.
1 roll weather stripping - black , .5" wide, .125" thick, just so the door seals, and the airflow goes from front to back over the cpu equipment.

Step 3: Tools

Drill, with Phillips and counter sink bits, jigsaw with wood blade, tape measure, square, pencil, and safety equipment.

Step 4: Measurement

Most precise step. Make detailed measurements of the rear panel and transfer them to the rear panel of the box, and please make an allowance depending how the box is constructed. I repeat, take your time with this component. Next portion is for the power supply, and is just a basic rectangle.

Step 5: Assembly

Honestly, you are just making a box. I've added some corner details from my build, so you can get an idea of how thing join.

Step 6: Staining and Computer Install

This not a computer and wood finishing instructible. If you need more info, ask and I can make another post.

Step 7: Contest

I hoped to add this to the woodworking contest, but the option is not available :{(

Step 8:

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