Introduction: Wooden Controllers Wall Mount for Ps4 & Xbox One

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One of my friends told me if I could make some supports for his controllers, so I decided to make these ones made of wood. Here you have the instructions and a video about the process.

If you like the video you can find more interesting videos on my Youtube channel!

I hope it will be useful :)

Step 1: Materials and Tools


- Any kind of wood for the base

- Wooden round stick (1,5 cm diameter)

- Wooden countersunk head screws

- White glue

- Varnish

- Toner print and solvent (Optional)

- Double-sided tape


- Handsaw

- Drill

- Sandpaper or similar

- Screwdriver

- Countersink

- Miter box

Step 2: Prepare the Base

Cut the wood and make two holes following the plans.

The holes must be a little bit bigger than the screws you use.

I used recycled wood from mattress.

Step 3: Finishing the Base

With the countersink prepare the two holes for the countersunk head screws and check it.

Sand all the base for a better finishes (I used a mouse sander but is enough with a sandpaper or similar)

Step 4: The Hooks

Cut the pieces to 45º following the plane.

I made three holes inside the union in order that the white glue enters and stays more resistant. So put the white glue in the two unions, put the two parts together using a straigth base and let the glue dry.

Step 5: Transfer Logo (optional)

To transfer the logo you need a print TONER, its also necessary that you print the logo upside (like if you were looking it with a mirror). Then, fix your print with masking tape, apply the solvent with a cloth or brush and lightly rubs with something clean and rounded (you can use a spoon).

Step 6: Assembling

Make the holes guides from your screws in the hooks and assembly them in the base. Before tighten the screws make sure that they are in the correct position testing them with the controller. Then, hold them tight.

I applied varnish for a better finish.

Step 7: Mounting

We used double-sided tape for mounting and it was great but you can use another method depending where you put yours. Simply try to put as straight as you can and it is done!