Introduction: Wooden Desk Lamp

About: I am a student at Lake Wales High School. I am currently studying and making projects in the school's shop.

This is one of the first projects that I have done with Instructables. I had recently started to like old wooden lamps and wanted to try to challenge myself with building a lamp. My main goal in this project was to make a usable lamp. It may not be the best one, but it can be a starter for others to refine.


Step 1: Making the Base

The most important part of a lamp is to be able to make the foundation in which the arm is going to be sitting on. The base of the lamp was made by using some scrap square wood that I was able to get a hold of in our shop. The dimensions of the piece were about 5" by 5"

I had then took it to the disc sander. I had used the square tool beforehand to mark a 45-degree mark 2 sides of the woodblock to help guide my sanding. I had carefully pressed against the sander until I had gotten a flat 45 degree sides on the side of the woodblock. I had then placed the block flat on the shelf part of the disk sander and sanded up some flat sides from the 45-degree sides that I made. Thus completing the main part of the base.

The final step was to take some wooden pieces and drilled holes into them. I had then glued them together and also onto the lamp base.

Step 2: Making the Arm

The arm of the lamp is comprised of a total of 5 parts. These were made by using a band saw to cut the wood into 3 long pieces and 2 more shorter pieces.

I had difficulty in cutting in the band saw and therefore I had needed to use a level to be able to accurately guide the wood to the blade.

The dimensions of the bottom longer prices were 1" by 12". For the top shorter ones it was 1" by 10".

The next part was to get each group of sticks and drill a hole into each one. I had made a mistake to drill them separately. I recommend that one lines them up into a group and clamp them together. Then drill a hole on both sides. That way the holes stay lined up.

The next step was to take the wood to the belt sander. I pressed on the belt sander with one of the sides of the sticks to create the curve on one of the sides of the wood. I had done this on 2 of the 12" pieces of wood. Then for both of the 10" pieces of wood.

Step 3: Making the Light Bulb Holder

The bulb holder is made by 2 separate pieces of wood.

One was a piece of scrap wood that I had cut on the band saw to 1" by 3". The other was a wooden block that was in the shop. The shape of it was about 3" by 4" by 3/4".

I had taken the wooden block and sanded down the edges by using the disc and band sanders. Thus creating the round rape of the top part.

The other scrap price of wood I had cut into a rectangle using the band saw. I had then drilled a hole in the end. Then I had shaped the other end of the piece of wood into a curve so that it could connect to the other round block of wood. I had clamped it together so that the glue that I had anded will hold it together.

Next, I had used a drill and made a hole on the round piece of wood. This is where the wire is going to feed through. Thus allowing one to install a bulb to it.

Step 4: Adding Screws

For this part. I had gotten some screws that were a bit longer than the width made by the wooden pieces held together. I had also gotten some screw nuts to hold and tighten the wood together.

Step 5: Organizing the Cable

For this step, I was not sure of how to wire the cable. I had decided to just get some black electrical tale and wrap it around the wood. Holding the cable in place. I had made sure that there would be enough slack so that the lamp could move if I had decided to untighten the screws.