Introduction: Wooden Dice

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To make this wooden Dice you will need the software AutoCAD, the software SpectraCAM, a CNC machine, a block of wood, and safety glasses.

Step 1: Drawing

First open up AutoCAD and draw the face of each side of the dice like so. On this step you will decide how big you want the cube to be, I chose 1.5 inches cubed. You will also decide the distance the dots are from each other and their size. All these factors can be determined on what you want and bit sizes on your CNC machine. I have given you the dimensions of my Die if you need help.

Step 2: Finalize Face

Now you have each face of the dice with equal separation of dots and equal dot sizes.

Step 3: 3-D

Now make the 3-D cube. Start by making a 2-D square of the size you want then boundary it. Once it is a boundary extrude it to make a cube. Then place the dots on the proper sides of the cube. Make sure you follow Dice rules. Number 6 should be opposite of number 1. Number 5 should be opposite of number 2. Number 4 should be opposite of number 3.

Step 4: Finalize Drawing

When the dots are in place extrude them to go into the dice about .1 inches. Then subtract all the dots to get the indents. Now your design is finished you can see what it will look like when you are done. If you like it you are ready for the next stage, however if you want the die smaller or bigger now is the time to change it. For those who are ready for the next stage take the 2-D drawing from step-2 and open them up separately in SpectraCAM.

Step 5: SpectraCAM

Take one of the 2-D faces and save as a 2000 DXF file. Then open in spectraCAM. I have chosen the Number 1 side to start. Once you open in spectraCAM make sure all your setting are right. Change material to the type of material you're cutting. I have chosen wood. Then make sure the tool library matches the tool library on your CNC machine. Once all this is figured out you can start programming. Start by making the cube itself. Select contour, then select the outside line. choose the bit you want to cut it with and then go to set up to change how far down you want the cut to go. You will only have to contour the outside once. Once you have contoured the outside it's time to cut out the indents of the dots. Select pocket, then select all the dots on the face that you want to cut. Go to setup to specify how deep you want the indent to be. Once you have done this save the code as a .NC. The code should look like the one above. After you have finished the first side upload the 2-D of the other five sides one at a time. All you have to do for the other five sides it pocket the holes.

Step 6: Cutting It Out

Now it is time to cut out the block. Use your code from the spectraCAM program and place it in the CNC program. Make sure your settings are correct and you have the correct zero point. After you cut out the block it is time to drill the holes.

Step 7: Clean Up

Make sure to clean up your area!

Step 8: Sanding

Finally sand down the dice to finish it.

Step 9: Done

You have a brand new dice, have fun!

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