Introduction: Wooden Doll Flash Drive Holders

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Today we are building a wooden doll capable of holding loose flash drives and various covers

Step 1: Inspiration

What inspired me to make this doll was the purchase of my first Macintosh Computer. As other Mac owners will know the power supply cable comes with a little plastic cover to (i assume) keep dust out and protect it. I knew i was going to lose this cover very quickly so i began to think of a solution. 

Step 2: Materials!

For this simple and fun project you will need the following materials!
- Selection of wood. I'm using a chunk of scrap 2x4
- Pencil 
- Jigsaw
- Drill w/ bits
- Hand Sander
- Dremel Tool w/ sanding and routing bits (Not Pictured)
- Sandpaper
- Flathead Screwdriver
- Vice Grip
- Eye Protection
- Imagination

Step 3: Draw Out Your Shape

First up i grabbed my block of wood and drew a practical shape that had a spot to hold the plastic cover. While doing this i realized that his other arm would be perfect to hold a flash drive! So i added room for that as well.

Step 4: Cutting the Shape

Now i took the jigsaw and put the block of wood in my vice grip. I applied my eye protection and then cut out my shape. I used the drill and bits to drill some holes where i couldn't quite get my jigsaw to reach.

Step 5: Making the Holder Arm

After sanding the body to get it in shape you can begin to mark out the arm that will hold the plastic cover. Once it is marked i took a flathead screw driver and pushed into the wood to begin taking out chunks. The wood i'm using is very soft so it will vary. You can use your Dremel tool with a small router bit for this part as well.
Once i took enough away i sanded the inside for a smoother finish and fit the part to make sure it fit. In the last picture i'm holding it upside down to show that it fits snugly.

Step 6: Making the Flash Drive Holder

Now i took my flash drive and drew its shape on the other arm. Going by the same general process as we did to make the plastic cover holder you can start to make the flash drive holster. I used a spare chunk of wood to test my routing skills before i did it on the actual piece. Make sure it fits snug but not too snug. 
*Using the router bit can cause injury to yourself or other so please be safe*
I made the hole nice and square and made it about half the length of the flash drive deep.

Step 7: Finishing the Doll

Now that you're done the arms you can add decoration to the doll. This is where you can take your sand paper and give the doll a nice smooth finish. I penciled on a face for now, but i plan to go back later to wood burn and paint the doll. 

Step 8: Another Doll

Here is another doll i made before. With a little brain surgery i gave him a nice hole to fit a flash drive. 
And since i messed up his leg (Shh don't tell) i decided to give him a pencil crutch.

Step 9: All Done!

Now you can enjoy your new decorative organizer! I challenge you all to make more designs that can hold other simple (And lose-able) objects. Try pencil/pen holders and maybe even a cable organizer. The possibilities are plentiful! 

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