Introduction: Wooden Earphone Remote Control

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Recently, I was able to successfully build a wooden earphone, now i just built a remote control for it to play,next,prev songs using inline control buttons, you can see my finished wooden earphone project here

Now I'm able to play,pause, play next song, play previous songs with earphone inline controls, that, i don't need to take phone out every time to change a song or control volumes. the housing and even the push buttons are built with wood then finished in poly.

These types of earphones with multiple buttons available at shops, but they are expensive than those one button earphones

Step 1: Functions

It has 3 small wooden buttons

big button - Call answer,play,pause

Small button 1 - Play next song, volume Up (hold)

Small button 2 - Play previous, volume Down (hold)

besides that, it has a tiny microphone

Step 2: Tools I Used

• Wood

• Thin bladed knife

• handsaw

• Sandpaper

• Hand tool to make holes

• Soldering iron

• glue

• Wood finish

Step 3: The Making

• i needed to build a tiny box first, to install those tiny buttons, microphone etc.

• then i needed cut wood in the size of the tiny box and make it thin and then used sandpaper

• install buttons. solder them as shown in the circuit, use very thin wires to connect, i used the wires inside of an old broken earphone

• make holes, carve wooden buttons for appropriate sizes

• finally, solder all after adding mic, resistors, wires. and then glue it all on the tiny box and it is ready, i guess the wood work is pretty self explanatory

You see different form of button in the pic above, i was originally planning use those form of buttons but my glue spilled and the wooden button frame got push buttons stuck. i had to remove it and used different resign

Step 4: Electronic Circuit

This is the circuit that i used, this earphone settings works with Android phones, iPhone phones mismatch the buttons. it needs different wiring

Step 5: Completed

I guess it doesn't look as beautiful as i wanted, but it looks cool atleast. next time i will try make a better one, God willing