Introduction: Wooden Easel

Making an easel that is easily folded for storage


3 72in by 1 1/2in^2 wooden boards, 1 24in by 1 1/2in^2,
1 6in bolt, 2 3in screws

Step 1: Cutting the Wood

I took a large piece of wood and used a table saw to cut my pieces for the legs of the easel, with the help of my dad of course.

Step 2: More Wood Cutting

I marked the wood at 6 feet to cut, I used a delta hand saw to cut off the ends of the wood pieces to 6 feet. I also used the hand saw to cut the platform that the canvas sits on. After I had all my pieces I sanded them down

Step 3: Drilling

After I had all the pieces cut I stacked the pieces so that when I drilled into them the holes would line up, I hammered a 5in bolt through them all and tightened it.

Step 4: Redesign

After trying out the legs to make sure it would fold I realized the legs wouldn’t swing so I tried loosening the bolt a bit, nothing, so I tried drilling the holes with a bigger bit, but what I needed was a bigger bolt, so I went to the local hardware store and got a bigger bolt.

Step 5: The Platform

So for the platform I used the 2 foot wooden piece I cut before. I marked the exact height I wanted and then used a level to level it out and marked where it was level. I also wanted the platform to have an indent in it so the canvas wouldn’t move around, so I used the table saw to cut one. I then got my 2 3in screws and screwed the platform into place

Step 6: Finishing

After everything was put together I put my own little touch on it and painted it.

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