Introduction: Wooden Fish

how to make wooden fish toy by phoenix

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

4 axles

4 wheels


band saw





wood template

picture of animal

Step 2: Picture

find and print a picture of your animal and cut it out

Step 3: Template

take the cut out and trace it out on the template then cut out the template with the bans saw

Step 4: Wood

take the template and trace it onto the wood and cut out the wood with the band saw

Step 5: Sand

take the sanding equipment and sand out the rough edges and burn marks

Step 6: Drill

drill your axle holes whee you want your wheels

Step 7: Router

router your fish and make sure to sand again to make sure that burn marks and rough edges are no more

Step 8: Design

draw your design you want to paint in pencil and make sure you like it

Step 9: Paint

paint your wood in your design

Step 10: Wheels

glue your wheels on and make sure they can move

Step 11: Be Sure

be absolutely sure your happy with your project

Step 12: The Final Project

your final project should look like this but you can do better

be careful while doing this project as well