Introduction: Wooden Fruit Box Planter

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Hi! This is my first instruc, so please be gentle...

I live in an apartment with fairly big balconies, nevertheless, I'm always trying to get big planters suitable for my space and I came up with this easy solution. (Which also happens to be cheap)

It's a planter. Made out of a box. Easy as.

Step 1: What You'll Need...

Get together:

-A wooden fruit box. (You can go to the market, ask nicely and they'll just give them to you)
-Any type of plastic. (I used a black thick plastic sheet I had at home, but plastic bags would work as well)
-Staple gun (+ staples, d'uh)
-Plants, seeds, cactus or any type of plant or veggie you want to grow.
-Gardening gloves
-Gardening tools

Optional--> Give some color to your box!
Just paint your box any color you want. It doesn't have to be perfect, just have fun with it.
(Remember to use some newspaper under it to prevent paint stains)

Step 2: Box + Plastic = Love

Cut a long stripe of plastic and staple it on the inside faces of the box.

Then cut another piece of plastic to cover the bottom.

This will prevent the soil from escaping and will also protect the wood from rotting by getting in contact with water and humidity.

Step 3: Make Some Holes!

This step comes with a bonus: it's a stress reliever.

So go ahead and with the tip of your scissors, or a pen, or anything you find lying around, poke some holes to the bottom of your box. The bubblewrap-like sound of the plastic satisfies the soul.

Make sure to perforate between the planks to help drainage...

Step 4: Now, for the Fun Part...

I chose to plant some cactus I had around the house.

If you're going to work with cactus, please be VERY careful, wear gloves and use some folded newspaper to help you handle the plant.

Soooo, start filling your planter/box with soil and plant away!

Step 5: Behold..!

That's it!

Best part is: you now have a brand new huge planter for the cheap price of... $0.00!

Oh, a little final note:

Please, please let your plants settle for a day or two before watering. They might look like they want water, but stressed out roots need some time to adjust before they start working and drinking again!