Introduction: Wooden Helicopter

Westland Seaking MK48.


Pinewood (53 cm x 14 cm x 9 cm)

Threaded end M8

Threaded end M6

Lock nut M6

Nylon ring M8

Nylon ring M6

Cap nut M8

5 paint sticks

3 ice lollies sticks

1 Wooden wheel

1 dowel

Step 1: Print Example and Draw It on the Wood

I searched on the internet for an example of a helicopter. In my case a Westland Seaking MK48. Then downloaded and printed the picture and draw it on the wood. You can use carbon paper.

Step 2: Glue the Parts Together

Beacause the correct thickness was not available at the store, I bought two thinner parts. I glued these parts together.

Step 3: Use the Saw

Now, cut it out. You can use a jigsaw.

Sand and scrape the piece of wood.

Step 4: Make the Wheels and Hook


I made the wheel arches from residual wood. Attach them with a dowel.

I bought standard wheels at the store. Saw the wooden wheel in half.


Use an old hook and residual wood to attach.

Step 5: Make the Main Rotor and Tail Rotor

I used five stirring rods for the main rotor. Sand and file all sides nice and round. After that, I glued the five stirring rods together. For the tail rotor I used three ice lollies sticks. This is the same procedure as the main rotor. The tail is made of a small piece of the stirring rods.

Drill a hole (M8) in the middle of the chopper for the threaded rod. Do the same for the taill with M6. Use the nylon rings, the locknut and the cap nut.

Step 6: Result

Put all the parts together.

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