Introduction: Wooden Ink Pen Made by Whittling

This is a fully wooden pen crafted out of 1in. by 1.5in. wooden beam, an ink rod and some super glue to hold it all together. This completely functional wooden pen can be shaped in less than 30 minutes and requires little materials. Because it is crafted by a process of slowly whittling, it can easily be customized to the users liking. this allows you to make everything from thickness to general shape. If you wanted to, you could carve into a crazy Dr.Suess like shape. But in this tutorial we will create a simple, one size fits all, type pen.

Step 1: Materials

The Materials you will need to make this pen are:

1 Deconstructed Pen

1 Whittling Knife/Boxcutter/Hunting Knife

1 1/8 Drill bit (and drill)

Super Glue

A 1in. by 1.5in. wooden rod (and saw)


Sand Paper

Step 2: Extracting the Pen.

The wooden pen needs an actual functioning pen part, that we can easily salvage from the inside of a generic push pen. After removing the rod, use a scissors to cut it to around 3 inches. You might notice to bumps on either side of the ink rod, so we will need to use a strip of sand paper to grind them off.

Step 3: Drilling a Hole.

First, before we start drilling, we need to mark off a drilling point. Use a ruler to measure each side of the wood to find the center. Then, use a pencil and draw along the straightedge of the ruler along those measurements. Now when we drill, we simply use where the two lines meet as an entry point for the drill bit.

Step 4: Whittling.

Whittling can sometimes take a very long time, but really it's worth it in the end. To start off, when whittling, you want to keep the angle of your blade set correctly. Because if the blade is going in too vertically, you could easily chip the wood, or break the blade if using something more flimsy like a boxcutter. Instead, keep the blade at a low 20 degree angle. This should give short, thin shavings. Start with the corner of the wood and work inward, evenly shaving off on all sides. always cut along the most outstanding edges. But keep in mind where you are while doing this because the shavings will go everywhere.

Step 5: Adding the Two Pieces Together.

Now that we have both the wooden body and the pen, we need to conjoin them for the final product. Start by applying glue to near the end of your pen rod. then apply a very small amount of glue to the inside of the hole in the wood. Then, insert the pen into the wood until only the silver is showing. Before doing this, check to see if the pen piece is capable of going down into the wood far enough to only leave the silver exposed. If not drill in deeper, and if your bit isn't long enough, try moving the bit farther to the end of the clutch.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Now that you have built the most basic design, you can go and make your own personalized one! Have fun!

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