Introduction: Wooden Kids Growth Chart With Solar Burned Numbers

Kids growth chart made of a treeslice, numbers burned with the sun.

There is a lot of varitete in making this, therefore this instructable is just a base idea.

All you may need is

- slice of wood
- sandpaper (or machines)
- drill or strong glue
- circular hand saw or similar - even possible with solar
- rule and pencil (don't press hard!)
- solar/magnificent lens
- decoration

Step 1: Safety 1st

Using the sun with a magnificent glas the result will be very bright and very very hot! Please watch your eyes, fingers and everything around. Always carry the magnificent glas in your closed hand. When finished burning, flip it vertical towards the sun or lay it flat in the shadow. Please don't try out how hot it will get by moving it over your thumb. My younger me will punch you for that!

Step 2: Preparing Your Scale

Think about the lenght of your slice as it depends on how tall you and your kids are. Then you can guess for how long it is useable. For us, a measurement from 60cm to 160cm will do the job.
Add approx. 15cm to each end and cut it to length.
Now sand the edges and visible surface as long as needed.

Step 3: Cutting the Steps

First, start with marking the lowest and highest mark, so that they are centred.
Now you can mark every step.

Each inch/cm was cut just into the edge of the slice, every 5cm a little longer and the 10cm steps are cut half way through and a little wider.
The depth depends on you.

Step 4: Mark and Burn Numbers

Now you can write down your numbers carefully and start burning them!
Please be careful, it is nearly impossible to correct a wrongly burned part.

Step 5: Finish and Decorate

Well done!
Now you car erase all pencil marks left and hang it (measure the height!) where you want to.
And add decals.
Have fun!