Introduction: Wooden LED Clock

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The wooden LED clock looks like a boring wooden box with the exception that the time is glowing through the front of it. Instead of a chunk of gray plastic to look at, you have a nicer piece of wood. It still retains all of its functions, including a wooden snooze button.

Want to make it? It's pretty easy to do. Here's how.

Step 1: Make a Window

The front of the clock is made of a thin piece of balsa. But even at 1/16" it isn't thin enough for the light to go through. So you'll need to sand it down until it's paper thin. Be sure to have the clock nearby and go only as far as you need as it's easy to sand all the way through the balsa.

Step 2: Make a Box

Cut out four pieces of plywood to form the box. These pieces were laser cut to allow for just 1/16" margin around the clock. With such a small margin the clock helps to give the box even more structure. Or you could think of this as almost a skin for the clock.

I used Loctite Stik'n Seal to glue the box together.

Step 3: Insert Clock

Lay the box down on the front and insert the clock. This will make sure that the clock's face is flush with the front of the box. Then go crazy with the glue gun! The results aren't pretty in the picture here, but the clock is solidly in there as a result.

Step 4: Insert Snooze Button

While the settings buttons are accessed by the open back of the box, the all important snooze button needs to be accessed. I chopped off a short section of a dowel, sanded one end and applied a dab of Loctite Super Glue to the other. Drop it in the hole in the top and you have a little snooze button.

Step 5: Glue the Front On

Apply a bead of the Loctite Super Glue around the front of the box and lay the sanded piece of balsa on the front. Once it's dry you're done! You have a snazzier version of the basic red LED clock to sit on your desk or by your bed.