Homemade Wooden Log Snowmen




Introduction: Homemade Wooden Log Snowmen

This is an instructable on creating one or multiple wooden snowmen! This is a fairly simple instructable, but it does require the use of some power tools. Note that this is my first Instructable, so you will have to bear with me! Also I am not responsible for any injury to self while making this Instructable!

Items you will need:
*(1) 4" width log/stick
*(1) 3" width log/stick
*(1) 1.5" width log/stick
**(a few) twigs to be cut up to eventually create arms
***(2-6+) metal screws (depending on how many snowmen you wish to create)
**** Power Drill & Variety of Drill Bits
**** Miter Saw
**** Phillips Head Screw Driver
**** (Optional Wood Burner)
(*) Logs should be at least a foot in Length

First cut the logs into 2" thick peices(Cut as many peices as you want to make snowmen)
(Picture 3)
(Picture 4) is what the cut peices should look like.

You next need to cut the sides off of the previously cut pieces in order for them to stack.
(Picture 5) Only cut about a quarter of an inch off of pieces.
Note: That the bottom piece and the top piece only need one cut; while the middle piece will need two cuts (One on top and one on the bottom)

Next you will need to drill holes in the middle piece for the twigs to later be put on. 
*You should use a drill bit size similar to the size of the twigs width*

Now you need to drill holes on the faces of the pieces that were cut in STEP 2
*Again you should select a drill bit size that is similar to the size of the screws you are going to use in the next step
(Picture 7)


Now you need to take the screw and screw it half way into the hole drilled in (STEP 4/Picture 7).
This process is shown in (Picture 8)

Cut off the head of the screw so that the pieces can be attached, and be firmly held together.
(Picture 9)


Screw the pieces together using the exposed side of the screw (Picture 10)

Lastly you should glue in the twigs into the holes drilled in (STEP 3)

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