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Introduction: Wooden Micro USB Charger Plug

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The plastic encasing of my Android charger plug broke. usually after long use,the area that connects to the male plug gets loose and cause charging issues before completely broke, so what we do is usually buying a new charger and throw the old one..because for most people, it's irreparable, unless you are able to replace the cable with new one

Well i didn't want throw it, i wanted fix it so i opened the plastic casing only to totally tear it apart. so i took the plug out and designed a wooden encasing for it.

It looks cool after built, i have never seen anything like it before lolz i could make it in first attempt even though it took around 3 hours to build..but it worths cause it can be used for long time now

Step 1: Tools Needed

• Small Handsaw

• Thin knife

• Soldering Iron

• Wood Glue

• Sand Paper

• Any other tool that's useful

Step 2: The Making

• Cut wood for appropriate size

• Create a rail in the middle of the woods in the width of the plug, it should be tight, not moving here and there like old men's teeth

• Attach the plug, glue a small piece of Wood behind the plug for support, so the plug won't move backward when force into charging socket

• Make the tail tube with wood, i used the yellow wood so it would look cool

• Tie the cord a lil before the tail so the cord won't fall out when pulled, and solder the red and black wires on the plug, must be careful, use a USB pinout to find out the pin order of red and black, (+ and -)

• Glue it

• Sand and make it shape, that's it. if needs more explanation, i will reply on comments

Step 3: End Result

It's amazing to see how a piece of wood turns to such useful things. i love wood!

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    6 years ago

    because it is PLASTIC......


    Reply 6 years ago

    lol yes,,i am converting everything that is possible for wooden encasing to wood. woodTronics if it's right to call a wood and electronic combination


    Reply 6 years ago

    thank you for correction