Introduction: Wooden Minion

About: aircraft engineer.

What you need: about 3 feet by 18 inches of 1/2 in plywood, in this case shuttering ply. I also used white paint, suitable for wood; sunflower yellow top coat and Oxford blue top coat (left over from another project); a small paint roller, usually about 6 inches wide; a permanent black marker.

Step 1: Wooden Minion

I got a colour picture of a Minion from the 'net and printed it out as a guide. I drew a profile onto the board with a pencil and cut out the basic shape with an electric jigsaw. I then tidied it up with a file and some sandpaper.

Step 2: Painting the Basic Colours

I applied two coats of white paint suitable for wood, with the roller and made sure to paint the rim all the way around. When they had dried, I applied a light cream coat, which was too light but did act as a good key for the Sunflower yellow. It's not necessary so Yellow directly onto white will work.I painted the Yellow down to two-thirds of the shape (it's 32 inches long so I put yellow down to about 20 inches from the top) and applied two coats, again painting the rim all the way around. Later, I applied two coats of Oxford Blue. Now, this may be too dark to suit some tastes but it was what I had on hand, so I basically painted the bottom twelve inches in Blue, including the feet and the rim.

Step 3: Final Colour Work.

When the Blue was dry, I then drew the outline of the dungarees across the chest and drew in the goggles and mouth with a pencil. When I was happy with how it looked, I drew them over with the black marker. I painted the chest and straps of the dungarees with Blue and allowed it to dry. When that was dry, I painted the white eyes and a rough outline of the teeth. For the goggles, I used Chrome Enamel to get the look of Silver. When the basic teeth were dry, I outlined the individual teeth with the marker. The tongue is red and I filled in the rest of the mouth with the black marker. The boots are also done with marker but I may redo them in black paint. The eyes are brown and the iris is black. the hair is just black marker and the stitches and logo are also black marker. The stitches are actually yellow but I wasn't going to go that far!

It looks really well and there are a million variations possible. I deliberately picked a Minion with his hands behind his back as cutting and detailing hands is hard work.