Introduction: Wooden Model Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

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Being engaged in a DIY project give you a sense of pleasure especially when you replica something you already have a passion for.

and in this instructable, I'll show you how I built this motorcycle out of wooden Dowel and popsicle sticks.

Step 1: Building the Chassis

1. I started by cutting a wooden dowel 5 cm long, and the ends were cut at a 45-degree angle.

2. I drilled a hole in the front of each dowel.

3. I glued a 1 cm long piece of toothpick into each hole to give a strong joint.

4. I glued the 6 pieces together as shown.

5. I joint the right and left sides with 2 pieces of wood 2 cm long.

6. then I glued the upper pieces as shown

Step 2: Building the Handlebar

The handlebar was built using the same way of building the chassis

1. I used 2 wooden dowels 5 cm long in the front and some small pieces to shape the hand clutch.

2. the wheels are made of Round cuts of a tree trunk

Step 3: LED Headlight

The headlight is very simple and it just a led light connected to a 220-ohm resistor and a 3v battery, then I used the rear motorcycle bag as a housing for the battery.