Introduction: Wooden Multi Plug

something to pass the time.

Step 1: Materials/ Tools

  1. one or two wall outlets.
  2. one computer power cable or and hefty three pronged cord.
  3. come finish wood. (really thin wood)
  4. piece of wood cut to the length and width you need.
  5. wire twist caps or heat shrink stuff.
  6. drill.
  7. clamps.
  8. nice screws.
  9. sand paper/ sander.
  10. reciprocal saw with extra blades.
  11. soldering iron/ gun with solder.

Step 2: Materials Test

i did this little test to see what exactly i was working with. so i took a piece of the center wood and the finish wood and drilled some screws into them. this showed me that the wood didn't crack and would look nice in the end.

later i took a piece of wood i had messed up on and tested drilling the hole for the cord in the side. the results showed that the wood would not crack and work be fine.

Step 3: Getting the Size

in order to get the size and shape of the socket hole just right i used a socket cover to trace over the wood and then drilled holes and later touched it up.

Step 4: Cutting the Sockets

first to start out i used a drill to clear out most of the wood. giving me a spot to start the reciprocal saw on. its best of you clamp the top piece to the center piece of wood. this helps so that you don't have to hold it and it slip or get off set. the middle piece you can cut out a little wider than the socket holes for the plugs to go.

Step 5: Fitting the Plugs

Step 6: Fitting the Power Cord

I tested drilling this hole for the power cord in the material test and so I new the wood would not split. I got my cord off of a old power surge protector along with the plugs.

Step 7: Fixing the Wires

In this step I twisted and soldered the wires together and then I put some heat shrink tubing over them. If not i might have blown a circuit with the wires touching.

Step 8: Test, Done, and Suggestions

Know that you have finished you multi plug you can solder your wire, have a fan, and even have a cold drink on hand all at the same time.

One thing i might later add is a fuse in case the power surges the items plunged in will be unharmed.

If you have any questions on the build please post them in the comments section and if you have any sujestions for stuff to do please tell me.