Introduction: Wooden Palette Dog Bowl Holder

Perfect to bring on the go! It can very easily fit in a car and can be used for camping!!!

Step 1: Find a Wooden Palette That Is Not Too Rotten and Broken.

Step 2: Disassemble the Palette Completely.

Step 3: Take All of the Accessible Nails Out of the Wooden Planks Preferably Using a Hammer.

Step 4: Take the Four Widest Pieces and Measure Three Two Feet Long Pieces.

Step 5: Go to a Miter Saw and Cut the Two Foot Pieces and Your Sixteen Inch Piece. You Should Then Be Left Is Three Sixteen Inch Pieces. Keep Two of Them Because You Will Need Them Later.

Step 6: Cut One of the Sixteen Inch Pieces in Half.

Step 7: Line Up the Three Two Foot Pieces So the Edges Are Exactly Lined Up.

Step 8: Take the One of the Pieces You Cut in Half and Put It So It Is Lined Up Across All Three Planks.

Step 9: Take a Drill and a 5/64 Drill Bit and Drill Threes (one on Each Two Foot Plank) Holes Through the Piece on Top of the Palette and It Should End Up Going Through Both. These Are Going to Be Used As Pilot Holes.

Step 10: Put a Phillips Drill Bit and a 1 ¼ Wood Screw and Drill the Three Screws Completely Into the Pilot Holes. Make Sure the Screws Went All the Way Through and Are in the Palette Pieces.

Step 11: Repeat Steps 9 and 10 for Another Support on the Other End of the Palette Pieces.

Step 12: Take a Dog Bowl and Put It in Between the Supports and Trace It.

Step 13: After You Trace the Bowl Measure About 1 to 2 Cm Away From the Edge Inwards and Draw Another Circle.

Step 14: Then Take a Jig Saw and Cut the Inner Circle Out.

Step 15: Then Take Another Piece of Your Palette That Is a Lot Thicker and Cut Four 4-inch Long Pieces.

Step 16: Take the 4 Pieces and Put Two the Underneath Each End of the Palette So That Each One Connects One Side of the Palette to the Middle.

Step 17: Take Your Drill and Phillips Drill Bit and Wood Screws and Put 2 Wood Screws in Each 4 Inch Piece Screwing Through the Two Foot Palette Pieces.

Step 18: Repeat Step 17 for the Other Side of the Two Foot Palette.

Step 19: Take the Two 16 Inch Pieces You Have Left and Line Them You in Front of the 4-inch Pieces You Put Into the Two Foot Palette.

Step 20: Screw the 16 Inch Pieces Into the 4 Inch Pieces.

Step 21: Repeat Step 20 for the Other Set of 4-inch Pieces.

Step 22: Put the Bowl Into the Hole You Cut for It.

Step 23: Now Your Pet Has a Homemade Pet Bowl Holder!

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