Introduction: Wooden Pallet Sledge

recent snow in the uk has meant there was a sudden demand for sledges and minimal supply. I couldn't ger hold one from the shops so decided to build one froma spare pallet I had in the garage

Step 1: Saw the Pallet in Half

Check the pallet for any damaged planks of wood and rot. because mine was for a 3 year old I wanted the overall width to be 600mm this can be adapted to suit your needs

Step 2: Remove Planks From Bottom

You might need a crow bar to remove the planks and the nails. I did try cutting the nails off with a multitool but they just destroyed my blade.

Step 3: 25mm X 50mm Batton Cut for Sides

cut 3 strips of Hatton for sides and back. give you something to hold onto and a little support for your back

Step 4: Streamline the Runners and Wax

I cut a triangular piece off the front and back of the runners and also rounded off the bottom to create a 'D' shaped bottom. I then used a sander going from 50 grit working to to a finer 120 for smoothness. then to finish I waxed the bottom (using an old candle) then also used wd40 lubricant to make is super slick.

If I had time/ If the snow was forecast to be here longer I wouldve spray painted it too just for a cooler looking finish.

Step 5: