Introduction: Wooden Pallet Table

Hello and welcome to my Instructables! Here I will show you how to make a pretty cool and easy table using only three pallets. I hope you'll enjoy the making of this table and you'll feel well about this sustainable, recycling project ;-)

Step 1: Explanation

Before we start I want to explain how a pallet is built.

A Euro Pallet has three "layers" of planks as shown in the picture. The first layer is oriented lengthwise and the second crosswise above the nine blocks. The third layer is oriented lengthwise underneath the blocks. This explanation should make it clear to you what I mean when I am talking about the first, second and third layer that has to be sawed off.

Step 2: Gather the Materials

You will need the following :

- three pallets (two good-looking, the third one will be sawed up)

- sandpaper

- electric chain saw

- crowbar

- angle grinder

- pair of safety goggles

- hammer

- electric drill + drill bit with depth stop + screwdriver + 12 wooden dowels

+ set of dowel centre points

Step 3: Sand With Sandpaper

The first step is for safety reasons.

First, choose between the two good-looking pallets which one will be at the top. Then take sandpaper and only sand the edges of the first layer of planks. It should look like the left edge. The right one is unsanded.

Step 4: Saw Off the Blocks

Now take the third pallet (can be broken, since we only want the blocks) and turn it around like in the picture.

A Euro Pallet has 9 blocks in total. The three in the middle are thicker and we do not want to use them. You need four of the six narrow blocks from the sides. Next, take your chain saw (I used an electric chain saw) and saw next to the blocks to separate them.

Since you are sawing off next to the blocks through the third layer of planks each plank between two blocks will fall off.

Step 5: Keep Sawing

Now turn the pallet around one more time.

As shown in the pictures saw through the planks of the second layer on the inside of the outer two planks of the first layer to separate the six narrow blocks from the rest of the pallet.

Step 6: Remove the Planks

Now decide on four blocks from all six. Then take a crowbar and get rid of the remaining planks, that are still stuck to the blocks. When finished it should look like in the fourth picture. Since there are still nails sticking in the blocks we have to cut them off.

Step 7: Remove the Nails

For this step, you need an angle grinder and a pair of safety goggles since your eyes should be protected from flying sparks. You also have to pay attention to the flight direction of the sparks.

The nails are removed directly on the surface of the wooden blocks. Pay also attention to not touch the nails immediately afterwards, since the nails can be very hot!

Step 8: Make Blocks Safe

As the trimmed nail stumps stick out, you should now hammer them deep into the blocks.

Step 9: Blocks Are Finished!

This is the way the four blocks should look like at the end. These four blocks are now safe and suitable for everyday use and cannot damage any floor surface.

Step 10: Prepare the Electric Drill

You need the electric drill, a drill bit with depth stop, a screwdriver, wooden dowels and a set of dowel centre points. The diameter of the drill bit, wooden dowels and centre point must be identical.

Position the depth stop on the drill bit so that the drilling depth is half the length of the dowel. Fix the depth stop by tightening the screw with a screwdriver. Insert the drill bit into the electric drill.

Step 11: Place the Blocks on the Pallet 1.0

Take the second pallet and turn it over. The blocks will now be placed at each of the four corners. To do this, drill two holes at each corner and then put the centre points in the holes. Now, put the blocks on top (should be aligned with the pallet) and hit them with a hammer so you can see the markings in the blocks afterwards.

Step 12: Place the Blocks on the Pallet 2.0

Then drill two holes in each block at the markings. Now insert two dowels per corner into the second pallet and place the block on top. Directly turn the whole thing over on its feet.

Step 13: Place the First Pallet on the Base 1.0

This time only drill one hole is at each corner and then put the centre points newly into the holes. Then place the first pallet on top (if you are alone, get help). Hit it again with a hammer so that you can see the markings on the first pallet.

Step 14: Place the First Pallet on the Base 2.0

Then drill one hole at the individual corners right at the markings. When done that insert one dowel per corner into the pallet and place the first pallet on top.

Step 15: You've Finished!

Finally, the couch table is finished!

If you need any further help, I'll be happy to answer any questions in the comments section ;-)