Introduction: Wooden Penguin Toy

these steps will teach you how to make a small wooden toy of choice for children

Step 1: Supplies


1. Bandsaw, for cutting out template and toy.

2. Drill press for drilling axle holes.

3. Drill bits, You will size it in a future step.

4. 1" belt sander for sanding the toy.

5.Router table with 1/4" round over bit.



1. Axles and wheels. I used 1.25" wheels and axles from the hobby store.

2. Wood Glue.

3. Paint. Depends on your animal...

4. 2"x6" stock(or scrap). To cut your animal out of.

5. 1/8" ply or MDF for cutting template. You could even use cardstock or cardboard.

Step 2: Find a Picture

Find a photo of your animal of choice a side profile is preferable as well it being easily recognized from the side.

Step 3: Edit the Picture

Print the photo of the animal and make it is easy to make into a toy rounding out any sharp points try making the head bigger but not to big and cut out the animal

Step 4: Make a Template

Make a template on cardboard by tracing the animal and cutting out with a x-acto knife or scissors.

Step 5: Trace on Wood

Grab the piece of wood and cut it to size with the band saw remember to keep the wood pressed back and hold it down without coming near the blade then trace the template on the wood

Step 6: Cut Toy Out

Cut toy shape out on bandsaw make sure to make relive cuts so the blade can move freely then add holes for the axis on the toy make sure wheels wont touch

Step 7: Sand and Router

when routeing make sure the bit is the right height on a scrap piece of wood and sand until you cant get splinters from the toy and it feels soft

Step 8: Paint and Glue

Make a plan to paint before you do and draw it on the toy and paint. once the paint is dry glue the wheels with axles on but not too close to the wood or it wont spin also make sure wheels are glue free so it can move.

Step 9: Conclusion

this is an easy item to make and will be a great gift to younger children