Introduction: Wooden Pet ID Tag

Hi This is my 1st post for this site so enjoy! Making things out of wood is something I do best. And I hope you will enjoy this Instructable!

Step 1: What Stuff You Will Need?

1. Graph paper to draw your shape (but for now let's use the one I drew) 2. Pencils/pens (whatever floats your boat) 3. One 0.25 x 7.25 x 2 Ft poplar hobby board (or any small thin wood you might have lying around the garage, backyard, ect.) 4. Coping saw 5. A drill (cordless or with a cord) 6. Scissors 7. A key ring to be able to put it on the collar or harness 8. Safety glasses 9. Sandpaper.

Step 2: The Visualize What Your Shape Is Going to Be?

Ok for me I use the graph paper to help me visualize what I'm going to draw. (Even though I can't draw very well but at least I try) So for now we will just use a diamond shape, cause that is what I'm making for a Wonder Nyan plushie from Kingdom Hearts: 3D Dream Drop Distance in America it's called Meow Wow.

Step 3: The Drawing....

Ok like I mentioned before I can't draw very well so that's why I use graph paper. Depending what size paper you will have will differ the size of the ID tag. So we are going to draw a diamond, use a corner of your graph part to help since that is what I did. Now once your done drawing your shape make sure you can write small, but easy to read!

Step 4: Cutting the Paper.

Now after you have finished drawing your shape & practiced writing what you are going to put on it, now lets cut the shape out with scissors. Make sure u got what u want on their, & you know how big you want it or need it to be.

Step 5: Tracing Onto the Wood

Now if you are all ready a good drawer, you can skip this step & go onto the next one, but for those who can't draw very well like me. Follow this step. After you have cut out your image/shape for your ID tag from paper now place it on the wooden board and use a pencil! So if you make any mistakes you can fix it. And trace the outer side of the paper. Once done with that we are almost ready!

Step 6: Don't Forget the Dot!

Ok now you might want to draw a little dot so you know where your hole is going to go. Do it after writing whatever you are putting on it. The name on mine is for a plushie. But you can use any name.

Step 7: The Real Fun Part!

Now that your are ready to drill your hole into the ID tag! Remember to put on you safety glasses on! Why drill the hole 1st? Well it would be much harder if you where drilling a hole on a tiny piece of wood, & it could be a safety hazard! So please do this step 1st!

Step 8: Cutting It Out!

Ok now we are ready to cut out your Pets ID tag! Use a coping saw to do this or any other tool that is like a coping saw & it will get the job done. Be very careful when handling tools. Always use a clamp if you don't have one go get one! Never use your hands. Once you are done with this your are almost done!

Step 9: Sanding....

Ok so you don't hurt or irritate you pet sand your ID tag till it is soft. That won't be too hard. Just sand the edges of the tag so it will be fine for your pet.

Step 10: The Ring!

Now that you have finished sanding your pets ID tag you are now ready to put the ring on it! And now you are done!

Step 11: What It Looks Like in the End?

Now we are done! Here's the finish product! I hoped you had enjoyed this DIY project!