Introduction: Wooden Phone Dock

Instructions Below

Step 1: Gather Your Materials


  • 2ft x 2ft x 0.75in Wooden Plank (any wood will do! Also the size can be whatever you want just make sure it's the )
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Wood Varnish


  • Circular Saw
  • Band Saw (Optional)
  • File
  • Sand Paper

Step 2: Make the Dimensions

So the first thing you will want to do when starting your phone dock is making your dimensions, how long and how tall you want your dock to be. The size of the dock may vary depending on how big your phone is or how many things you want your dock to hold. In my example, I chose to make my dock 8in x 10in and have a thickness of 0.75in.

Step 3: Dimensions on the Wood

So now that you've planned out your measurements on paper, you need to move it onto the wooden board you will be creating your dock on. Your piece of wood should be bigger than your dimensions on paper, drawing the pieces separated away from each other will make it so that you won't risk cutting other pieces when using the power tools.

Step 4: Cut the Pieces

Once you have the wood marked with your dimensions you can cut out both pieces, for this step I used a circular saw to cut out both pieces. Once you cut out all of the baselines you still need to cut out the areas marked in red, for the all of them I used a drill bit that was approximately the same diameter as the width, then I just filed the wood down to make it smooth.

Step 5: Give It a Finished Look (Optional)

Note: The rest of these steps are optional, they will make your piece look better.

Once the pieces are successfully cut out it looks like step four you can begin making the pieces look finished. So there are a few options, you could round out the edges of the wood with a file. You could also add a varnish to the wood to give it a shine and more finished look. If you do choose to use varnish than just remember to apply it over something like newspaper or a sheet of some sort. Remember to make sure that you finish filing and sanding the wood and finish any final edits before you apply the varnish because once it's on if you anything to the wood you will end up scraping the layer of varnish off.

Step 6: Final Piece

So if you cut your pieces out correctly, you can put them together. This is how your piece should turn out, hopefully, it looks better than mine.

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