Introduction: Wooden Picture Frame


My name is Richard and in my Instructable, I will clearly show you how to create a simple picture frames with just very few steps.

Let's get started

Step 1: Collecting Materials

I will first list you the materials you need before you are ready to start.

You need 4 same pieces of wood which all have to have a 45° cut on both ends pointing in the same direction.

You also need a soldering iron for the Personalization of your product.

Also, you need a wooden glue so stick the pieces together.

The last thing you need is a wood cutting mashine.

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

The second step is to take a wooden plate(no matter which size(depends on you)).

Then draw 4 same rectangles(size again depends on how big or small you want you to picture frame to be).

After that measure the sides of the small side of your rectangle.

This measurement you will need to use to make your angles. You have to make a mark on one of the long sides of your rectangles on both ends.

Lastly,x draw a line to the other corner of the other side of the rectangle.

Repeat that 3 more times.


Step 3: Cutting the Wood

The next step is to cut the wood with a wood cutting machine as you can see in the video.

!!!Cut along the lines that your final wood piece should be like!!!

Step 4: Sanding the Not Straight Edges

USe a sanding machine as you can see in the video on top or below(I don't know) to straight the edges that you may be cut a little bit wobbly.

If all your edges are straight don't use the sanding machine.

Step 5: Glueing

The next step is short.

Just use wood glue to glue the sides.

Step 6: Glueing #2

This step again ist short.

You have to stick together two ends of two different wooden pieces and glue them like seen in the picture.

!!Let it dry for at least 25 minutes. Otherwise, the risk that it falls off is high!!!

Step 7: Personalize


Use the soldering iron to make a pattern wich you like.