Introduction: Wooden Picture Frame

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Greetings everyone! ;)

On beginning of every year there are a lot of proms of high school's graduation classes. I like these balls, because of the good mood and people. My good friend is one year younger then me and I've been on her prom. We've took a photo of ourself and I just didn't know where to place it. So, I decided to make a simply phoro frame. The idea was to make nature wooden frame, from old wood, whose is everywhere. This instructable is quick, short and I hope you will like it. :)

Step 1: What Do We Need?

Old wood - Let's start searching some branches. In this project we will use old wood, that you can find everywhere. I like knags, curves and all the imperfection because it's natural. I chose branches about 10-20mm in diameter and 40cm long.
Any saw - To cut
Glue - Basic milky paper/wood glue will make job well.
Hard Paper - For corners
Wire - For stand
Beeswax - To polish

Step 2: Cut & Glue & Wax

Once you have some old, ugly branches, get rid of skin and clean it gently. We measure and mark dimensions of frame. My photo has 10x15cm so I marked it at 17 cm and 13 cm. Now its time on lengthwise cut (in beginning it is harder, be carefully!! We can do it!!). Once we have two halfs, we cut it on the marks, we've done before in 45 degrees. Look at the picture, how and where to cut it, but it is obvious (rememder: twice measure once cut!!). Take a gently sanding of single pieces and than we can glue it together. We prepare 4 small triangles from hard paper that fits to corners of the frame. At first we glue wooden parts together and after the glue is dry, we glue these 4 triangles into every corner. Once the glue is dry we take thick wire and bend it into the shape of a stand (just like on the picture). Than we drill holes into frame for it. We are almost done, but it is time to polish it with beeswax. Take piece of beeswax, prepare kitchen paper towel and turn on gas cooker. Gently, very gently heat up the frame and beeswax above the fire, and stir it on the surface of the frame, heat up the frame again and stir the beeswax with kitchen towel off. Repeat this about 3-4 times.

Step 3: Final


It's time to insert your photography under the 4 paper triangles and just watch to it. :)