Introduction: Wooden Portfolio With Engraved Cover and Back

Portfolio digital graphics and illustration with engraved wooden cover and wooden back.

Lasercut at fablab KU Leuven.

Step 1: Adobe File Made in Illustrator

For my digital graphics portfolio I wanted to have a wooden engraved title and backcover.

Inbetween the cover I put the prints of my work. All printed pages had to be holepunched for putting a small keyring through all of them to fix them inbetween the wooden covers.

First, I had to design the engravings in adobe illustrator. The black colour indicates the engraving. The red lines show where the wooden plate has to be cut out by the laser.

With this file I went to FABLAB for the lasercut, where I also bought the wooden plate size A4, 3 mm thick.

After lasercutting title and back, I decided to put white acrylic colour onto the typography of the titel and scrape it off before it was dry, so that you could read the title more easily, because the size of my typography was a little too small.

This is the result.