Wooden Pumpkin Decorations



Introduction: Wooden Pumpkin Decorations

Today I will be showing you how to make some different wooden pumpkin decorations. For this build there are many different ways you can do it along with many cool ways to do it. I have been wanting to do these simple DIY wooden pumpkin cut outs for a long time now and finally had the opportunity to do it. I have attached at the bottom of the page a PDF, containing the pumpkins I designed and a out line so you can cut them out if you so choose to do the same thing I did. I have already made the sizes to scale so, if you print mine you will have accurate sizes to the materials list bellow. I would love to see the pumpkins you make, so please make them and post it in the I made it section at the bottom. I look forward to seeing what you do, and hope you have as much fun as I did.


x1 Scissors

x1 Sharp Pencil

x1 X-acto Knife

x1 Scroll saw or jig saw

x1 Torcher or lighter

x1 Drill with 1/4 drill bit

x1 8x8 piece of 1/4 plywood

x2 5x5 pieces of 1/4 plywood

x1 Print Out (Go to the link Bellow and print out the sheet)

Step 1: Step 1 Printing and Tracing

Make sure that you have the print out from the supplies list handy in this step. The first thing you want to do is tape the edges of that paper to a mat that you can cut on. Then you want to take your X-acto knife and cut out all of the parts that you can't get with a scissors. Then remove the tape and cut out the rest with scissors. From here you want to make sure that all of the pumpkins are cut out and you have you three different pieces of wood : x1 8x8 1/4 plywood, x2 5x5 1/4 plywood. Using the paper that you cut out trace the larger pumpkin onto the larger piece of wood and the two smaller ones on the smaller pieces of wood. Once you have done that make sure that your jig saw or scroll saw is handy along with your drill and 1/4 bit.

Step 2: Step 2 Cutting

The first thing you want to do is drill a hole in a part of the pumpkin where the nose, the mouth, and the eyes are. This is so you are going to be able to get you saw blade trough here and cut it out. I realized that for this job a scroll saw is preferable, I tried them both and had better vision on the scroll saw. Start by cutting out the outer edges that are easy and did not require a hole. Then go to the mouth, nose, eye 1, and eye 2 and take off the blade on the scroll saw and put it through, or on a jig saw put it right in there. Cut the rest of the shapes out. Once you are finished with one repeat for the rest, after this on the bottom of the pumpkin use the saw to make a little flat spot so the pumpkin can stand on it's own. Don't worry if you had a couple of places that did not turn out perfect because burning it should cover it up. After that get your lighter or torch ready for the next step.

Step 3: Step 3 Burning

Right off the bat make sure you have a place to set the pumpkin while you burn it or have hand protection of when you burn it. I chose to on the lager pumpkin have the edges burnt just a little and the stem and left everything else so it could stand out better. I then made the two little pumpkins slightly darker. The one to the left in my main picture I chose to do the edges plus lightly on the inside of there. On the little pumpkin to the right I burnt it a little more so they would all be different. However, you can do any variation of both and or possibly even paint it. Thank for following along with me and if you do make this project please show me what you did.

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