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Introduction: Wooden Scratching Post

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about a week ago we found a stray kitten on the side of the road. we decided to keep it. so i made a scratching post for her. this project took about a day to make. its a really easy project, and great for beginners. all you need for the project is a 5 cm or 2 inches pvc pipe, a plywood plank, a few screws and rope.

Step 1: Ground Plate

for he ground plate you need a 20 by 20 cm or 7.8 by 7.8 inches plywood plate. it doesn't have to be 20 cm but it fits with the rest of the stuff. you need to make a 5 cm hole in the middle of the plate for the pvc pipe to fit in. you can do this with a drill, or you can just do it with a saw. if you want to find the middle of the plate you can just draw two lines on the bottom of the plate, make sure that the lines are diagonal to each other.

Step 2: The Pvc Pipe

now you want to cut the PVC pipe to 32 cm or 12.6 inches.( you have to make it 32 so that when you put the pipe in the plywood it will stick out 30 cm.) now you can stick the pvc pipe in the plywood. after you put it you can secure it with two screws.

Step 3: The Rope

now you have to put in two screws in the top and bottom. these will hold the wire. after you screwed in the screws you have to tie a know to attach the wire to the top and bottom screw. while attaching the wire you have to wrap it around the pvc pipe

Step 4: The Top Piece

now you have to make a 7.5 cm or 3 inch circle. but before you attach it to the top of your post you have to put a piece of scrap wood in the top and attach it with two screws.( you can use the screw you used for the wire) now you can put on the wooden circle with another screw.

your done!! if you have any questions just ask me in the comments. :-)

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