Introduction: Wooden Sign

In this project we will be making a wooden sign. This is a really easy weekend project and can also make a great gift.

Step 1: Getting the Tools and Wood Ready.

The wood I used in the project was a hardwood if you can get hold of a hardwood this will be better if you are using the sign outside as it will last a lot longer but if you can not then any type of wood will do. My wood I got was 22mm thick this seams like the best thickness for a sign so I wouldn't recommend anything thinner than this.



Straight Edge


Electrical Sander Palm or Belt


Printed Letters

Carbon Paper

Spray Lacquer

Coloured Spray Paint

Electrical Tape / Masking Tape

Step 2: Create Template

You need to create a template for your sign. You need to type your text out with the size that will fit onto your piece of wood so it you already have a piece of wood ready for this project make sure that you print out your template so that it will fit on the wood. I had to print the text on multiple pages as it wouldn't all fit onto one page.

Step 3: Transfer Template to Wood

For this stage we will be transferring the template you created in the previous stage to the piece of wood. You need to take your carbon paper and place it with the carbon side down on the piece of wood. Get your straight edge and place this on top of the piece of wood. Then on your text template put either electrical tape or masking tape on edges of the template and then slide the template under the straight edge until the bottom of the text is just touching the straight edge, Stick the template down with the tape that you have just applied. Do this for each word if you have multiple words. Once you have all the words stuck down remove the straight edge and the using your pencil draw over each letter. I just drew a line in the centre of each letter. Once you have drawn the letters remove the template and the carbon paper.

Step 4: Routing Sign

You need to get your router now and choose a router bit I used a rounded over bit I find the this works best. I set the depth of my router to 3/8 Inch. Place the sign onto a non slip mat or clamp it down if you don't have a mat. Then start to trace over the template that you have now got marked onto your piece of wood.

Step 5: Sand the Edges

Once you have routed the letters you may be left with some rough bits around the edges. Take a sander or using just sandpaper remove these rough edges.

Step 6: Routing the Edges

Now if you want straight edges on your sign skip this stage otherwise you will need a router bit that has a ball baring on the bottom of it. I used a bit that is used for giving a fancy rounded over look to the edge of a piece of wood,(sorry not sure what to call the bit I used). I set my router depth so that the router would make a rounded affect. Then I went in and out all around the sign randomly sometimes leaving some spaces between the routed edge. Do this all around the sign and you will be left with a rustic looking sign.

Step 7: Spray Paint Sign

For this step you will need some spray paint. I used car spray paint in black but you can use any colour that you want. Spray the sign making sure you get the paint into all the letters and on the routed edges. Once this has been sprayed leave it to dry according to the spray paint instructions.

Step 8: Sanding the Sign

The last step is to sand the sign to remove the paint you have painted that is not in the letters. This will leave the letters and the routing on the side still in black but the rest will be the colour of the wood you have chosen. Once you have removed the paint you will need to go over the sign with some spray lacquer just to protect the wood from the elements . Leave this to dry and once dry you have finished making your sign.