Introduction: Wooden Signs

I made a sign using tools I could find in my house, using bright lights and paint.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

- cardboard or wood (what you prefer)

- scissors or saw (for wood)

- markers/paint.

- glue

- string

- lights

- spray paint

- X-acto knife

- Cameo cutter

- Cardstock

Step 2: How To

step 1
Gather all the materials and make sure that they are the length you want to use.

step 2

Decide on your design for the sign. I did a sign for the bathroom in our school.

step 3

Upload the design for the cardboard on Cameo cutter.

step 4

cut the wood into a quarter of the size

step 5

Grab the cardboard stencil and the spray paint. Put the stencil on top of the cardboard and spray the paint

step 6

let dry

step 7

get ride of if there are any excess paint under the stencil.