Wooden Six Pack Cooler

Introduction: Wooden Six Pack Cooler

Tired of those cardboard six packs falling apart on you? Do you like cold drinks and looking classy? Well get out your saw and let's get to it.

Necessary items:

Six pack cooler ($2 at Walmart, see in next step)

4'x8"x3/8" woods (I used 8'x3 7/8"x3/8" select pine from Lowes)

1'x1 1/2"x3/4" (Used as handle, could be a dowel or rope as well)

Stain and sealer (Cabot stain and seal Aged Leather)

Miter saw (Handsaw and miter box work just as well with only a few cuts)

Nails/ Screws

Wood glue


Step 1: The Cooler

Found this ice pack at Walmart for $2 and decided it would be perfect for the center of a wood six pack. It functions as both a cooler and the center of your six pack. I am sure other versions exist so be sure and so some measurements or it may not fit

Step 2: Make Your Cuts and Assemble

The 3.5" pine actually worked perfectly and did not need any table saw work (Convenient since I do not own one). So if you're using these don't worry about width. If you are using 8" width, rip your board down to 6 7/8". Your base will be 8 3/4" to fit the ice pack. For the sides cut a 45 degree miter with 11.5" at the tip then chop off the top 3/4". That gives you the nice fence post look. The walls will be a simple butt joint against the base as seen in the last picture. Check fit then glue, nail, and clamp. I realize gluing two edge pieces together isn't the strongest but it has held since so feel free to use 8" and rip it to the right width if you'd rather

Step 3: Stain

I did this after assembly but is probably easier to paint in pieces. I used Cabot premium stain and sealer in aged leather but this is totally up to you. Just be sure to get a sealer on there, this thing will be facing a lot of water from condensation and you don't want rings or rot on your nice new six pack.

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